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About Jiji Township

  Jiji  is a beautiful sightseeing township, located at the central of Taiwan. It's surrounded by Jiji Great Mountain and some hills. Zhuoshui river pass through the basin. The total area is 49.72 square kilometers. Its altitude is around 230 meters to 1392 meters.  The average annual temperature of Jiji is around 20.7oC and 84.4% humidity. Population in Jiji is about 12000, divided into 33 administrative regions, and have one junior high school and five elementary schools. During the weekend and vacations, many travelers come to Jiji. In Jiji, people can relax themself. Breath pure and fresh air, riding bicycles, recognize culture and natural scene.

The famous scenic spots list:

Jiji Train Station

Jiji Train Station
- the faith building with Jiji Township

Build in 1930. It's build with much timber of  Chinese juniper. Before 1958, the Jiji railway was used to carry materials, woods, banana, and passengers. Jiji station became a prosperous station because it just at the central part of railway.  After the 16th road finished, the passengers had been on the downgrade. In recent ten year, it became prosperous again for tourism. But in 1999, Jiji Earthquake destoryed everything. The whole station tilt. In February 2002, Jiji Station re-establish completed. Many visitors back to Jiji again.

Jiji Dam

Jiji Dam

Block Zhuoshui River for agriculture, industry and families.

Green Tunnel

Green Tunnel

Many camphor trees form a tunnel shape. The railway just nearby it.

Great camphor tree

camphor tree

About seven hundred years old.
Height:  thirty meters
Cover: over nine hundred square meters

"Kai Pi Hong Huang" stone tablet

A historic interest, completed in 1874. The first-degree historic monument of Taiwan.

"Wu Chang" Temple

Totally collapsed in Jiji Earthquake. Retain for memories.


"Thirteen Hole" brick kiln

Build in 1930-1940, but totally collapsed at Jiji Earthquake.

Re-build complete in 2003.


Build in 1882, the third-degree historic monument of Taiwan.

Endemic Species Research Institute

Endemic Species Research Institute

To improve research into Taiwan's endemic plant and animal species and special ecosystems and to promote ecology education, government took a policy decision on nature conservation. TESRI was formally established on July 1, 1992.

Jiji Great Mountain

Jiji Great Mountain

Height: 1392 meters.

It has broad eyeshot, but you may take six hours to climb up.

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