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Introduction of Jiji Primary School

1. Location/Position :

    Ji-Ji Primary School is located on the north shore of Cho-Shui Stream and the Southwest side of Ji-Ji Mountains. The administrative area of school is subordinate to Wu-Tso Neighborhood in Ji-Ji Township. The school neighbors many administrative services, and is a nucleus of Ji-Ji Township.

2. The course of change and development :

The school was founded and named as Ji-Ji part educational institution, Mandarin learning area, Pu-Li Community in 1898.

Ji-Ji Communal School was Founded on October first, 1898.

The school's name changed to Ji-Ji Public School on October first, 1920.

The school's name changed to Ji-Ji East National School on March thirty-first, 1942.

The school's name changed to Ji-Ji National School, Ji-Ji Township, Taichung County on January thirty-first , 1946.

The school's name changed to Ji-Ji National School, Ji-Ji Township, Nan-tou County. 

The school's name changed to  Ji-Ji Primary School, Ji-Ji Township, Nan-tou County

3. Great event :

Ji-Ji Primary School set up She-Tzu Parcel Educational Institution on October first, 1920.
She-Tzu Parcel Educational Institution became independent to be Shui-Li Primary School on April first, 1935.  The school has lasted for one 106 years.
Ji-Ji Primary School set up Ai-Liao Parcel Educational Institution on April first, 1942.

Ai-Liao Parcel Educational Institution became independent to be  'Ai-Liao Primary School ' On February first, 1946.

Ji-Ji Primary School set up an attached kindergarten on June first, 1946.

Ji-Ji Primary School set up Yang-Chang and He-Ping Parcel Educational Institutions on September first, 1947.

Yang-Chang and He-Ping Parcel Educational Institutions became independent to be Yang-Chang and He-Ping Primary Schools on September first, 1953.

4. Thecurrent situation of personnel :

    There are ten general classes and, one kindergarten, and one Special Education class includes about two hundred students. We have one principal, seventeen teachers, "2688" supply teacher, one nurse, one fellow worker, and one service soldier.  The total of the staff is twenty- three persons.

5. Characteristics of school :

1. Characteristics of new school buildings :

    Our school building held Ground Breaking Ceremony on June first, 2000. And it was completed and used on June first, 2000.

    The school was designed by the architectural designer Yao, Jen-Hsi  of Ta-Yuan Architectural Design Corporation.  And itwas constructed by Hsin-Ya Construct Corporation.  The amount for constructing was about seventy million dollars.

    The structure of the school is made by reinforcing bar and the building was designed to have double-deck roofs, slant pillars, exposed reinforcing bar, and double-faced corridors.  The corridors have wooden aisles, wooden handrails, and peddle dash.

    The student exercise centerimitated a Japanese gime wooden assembly hall, and the structure of the centeris reinforcing bar, slant pillar and peddle dash.

    The landscape of the school accords with the characteristics of Ji-Ji township as we have green tunnels, crosstie path and hallow out-iron-foundry walls.

    The campus is magnificent, which is the landmark of Ji-Ji and as well as being a work of art.

2. The cultivation ofschool's education :

    Our teachers instruct students to play the recorder, diabolo, volleyball, calligraphy so that students can have several skills.

    In order to achieve the ideal of no child left behind, the teachers offer classes afterschool into effects, deepening and widening math teaching.

    In order to develop student's affection of being concerned with native soil, the teachers plan lessons called Ji-Ji returns to Ji-Ji.

    Utilizing community's swimming pool, the P.E. teacher instructs students swimming.

    The school set up a kindergarten to set the foundation for education.

    The school set up resource classes to take care of special students.

6. Our ideals :

*Being Healthy and sprightly :

    We hope children can have healthy body and optimistic attitude that they can develop lighthearted and positive outlook on life.

*Love of our family and hometown:

    We hope children can experience our hometown's beauty and can understand the true meaning of treasure and share so that they can have the breath of mind to tolerate and be concerned with all things on earth.

*Responsibility and honor:

    We hope students can possess responsibility and honor and can appreciate  themselves and respect other people.

*Grand viewpoint and enterprising attitude:

    We hope children can have curiosity to voluntary probe, can use information equipment properly so that they can establish generous world outlook.

Teachers were practicing the Tai-Ji Chuan.
Students of  fifth grade.
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