Ji Ji Train Station

The History¡G

In 1919, Taiwan was governed by Japanese, the government began to build Ji-Ji railway in order to transport the equipment for generating power of Sun Moon Lake Power Plant. This railway from Er-shui to Che-cheng was the branch of main railway. It was inaugurated on January 15, 1922.

     Before the railway was constructed, the inconvenient and inefficient transportation was limited to manpower. After the railway began to operate the situation was improved and the township along the railway began to prosper.

     Originally, Ji-Ji was only a stop. However, it was situated the center of the railway and became a part of Taichung state. Ji Ji became a local government center. In 1933 the station house of Yang-may was torn down and all the materials of that station house were taken to Ji Ji to build a new station house. With Pure timber as its main structure, the station house looked simple and decent.


After 921 Earthquake

     The earthquake made the railway tracks terribly misshaped and the station house leaned about 25 degrees. Originally, the government wanted to tear down the house and rebuild a modern station. However, some local people made efforts to keep the old station house. Finally, the station repaired and kept his original style. Thanks for the United Daily News Group, China TV Company and the Broadcasting Corporation of China donated the fund to reconstruct the station. It cost approximately 18 million to rebuild this same station in the original site. The New station house opened to the public on Jan.21.2001. Now it can resist the earthquake of the intensity as high as grade 7.

In order to see the remains of 921 Earthquake, many tourists come to Ji Ji town on holidays.

JiJi Train Station

Mingcin Academy

Mingcin Academy is a typical traditional building in Chinese architecture, which compounds with three sections--- one main hall and two wings of the building. We call it ¡§San He Yuan¡¨ in Chinese. The main hall is raised five steps from the horizon, higher than the side buildings. The arch gates which are covered by the veranda connect the side buildings. There are two plaques inscribed ¡§ Faith¡¨ and ¡§Decency¡¨.

Mingcin Academy has been built for more than one hundred and twenty years. Many things like plaques are kept from Chin Guan Shi Dynasty. Therefore, Mingcin Academy is the 3rd grade of remains. It is protected by our government.

Today Mingcin Academy is not only a remain but also a temple for people to praise the Gods of Wen-chan and the teachers for ancient time like Confucious, Tsen-tze¡Ketc.  Most parents will take their children who are studying in school here to get the wisdom. People who want to take the examination will come here to request the Gods bless them to pass in the exam. The committee of this temple will take place a ritual by using a red pen, drawing a spot between the eyebrows on the people who want to get the frame and gain. We call the ritual ¡§Kai-Chiao¡¨. It means to let people become more intelligent.

Mincin Academy

Wu Chang Temple

     Before 921 Earthquake, the temple was being constructed and almost finished. In general, the characteristic of Chinese Temple was always huge with long and thin pillars. So was Wu-chang Temple. When the Earth was shaking, the pillars couldn¡¦t endure the heavy weight of the temple. Therefore, the pillars broke out and the temple fell down from the top to the bottom. Most of the houses and buildings fell down like this and many were dead on the first floor, especially in the entrance of the door.  In order to memorize 921 Earthquake, the government kept this temple for people visiting.     

 The History of the God in the Temple

People praised the god of Shan-ten tin in Wu-chang Temple. It was said that Shan-ten was a butcher before he became a god. One day, he wanted to cultivate himself by research the religious doctrine of Taoism. When he found the place where to research, he couldn¡¦t get into. One god told him that his intestines had became black and dirty because he killed too many pigs. In order to show his sincere, he used a knife to take out his intestines¡K. Finally, he became the god, who standing on a snake and a turtle.  The snake and the turtle were the symbols of his intestines and stomach.         

 The legend of the God in the Temple

The earthquake happened on Sep. 21 and on Sep 24, the God left a message to  some man that his puppet was not hurt. He hoped people to take his puppet out of the temple at 12 o¡¦clock on Sep.26.  And people obeyed and took the puppet out and then praised him in the temple on the other side.

WuChang Temple